Solids Matter — Fall 2021

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Welcome to our Fall 2021 edition of Solids Matter! While we took some time to enjoy summer here in the Northern hemisphere, there continues to be lots going on at Solex Thermal Science.

The big news from us is the official launch of our proven discharge feeders as standalone equipment. Our feeders are the workhorses within our heat exchanger lineup. After reliability handling millions of tonnes of numerous bulk solids over the past 30-plus years, we are confident in their ability to provide for mass flow discharge from a wide variety of process and storage vessels in the bulk materials handling industry.

We are also pleased to see growing interest in our vertical plate conditioners (VPC). The technology’s high density heat exchange area per unit volume, combined with its ability to utilize waste heat from elsewhere in an oilseeds crush plant, is providing our customers with a valuable way to reduce unit energy costs while increasing throughput.

The continued success of our VPC technology fits under the larger umbrella of environment, social and corporate governance (ESG) that has become part of the daily lexicon here at Solex. For example, at Mosman Stainless Steel, we are excited to announce the one-and-a-half-year milestone of producing more than 500 MWh of electrical energy from our roof-mounted solar panels. This goes a long way to reducing our energy footprint, and supports our commitments to our ESG principles.

As an example of how innovation runs through our core is the combination of our pillow-plate heat exchanger technology with Corrosion’s UV-C technology. This heat exchanger technology is being adopted by the marine industry in applications where sea water is used as the heat sink for cooling various systems on ships. Combining these two technologies is proving effective at minimizing marine life fouling of the heat exchangers while providing effective and low maintenance cooling.

Please enjoy this edition of Solids Matter. We are excited to share with you the best of what our technology has to offer. Our work starts by helping you develop the solution you need, and we will continue to be there through the full lifecycle of your equipment.

Please reach out to us for any questions you might have.

Fall 2021 edition of Solids Matter

Lowy Gunnewiek




Lowy Gunnewiek
Chief Executive Officer
Solex Thermal Science 

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