Energy transition

The energy sector is undergoing massive and exciting changes. Renewable and alternative energy technologies are becoming mainstream and energy efficiency makes more sense than ever.

With these innovations come new problems to be solved — from the need to reduce costs and improve commercial viability to handling higher temperatures and introducing new working fluids.

Solex is well-positioned to solve these challenges

Led by a team of experts that have developed the science of indirect heat exchange in bulk solids, our focus is applying creative heat transfer solutions to applications involving high temperatures (typically greater than 400°C).

Examples of our work include:

  • Recovering energy from high-temperature bulk solid streams.
  • Using bulk solids as a heat transfer medium instead of conventional liquids/gases.
  • Finding solutions that integrate the heat balance within a bulk solid processing system to maximize overall efficiency, such as that used in carbon capture.

New ways to solve the energy and climate challenge

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Our Technology

Patented indirect heat transfer solutions that address unique challenges when heating or cooling solids to/from high temperatures with a liquid or gas.

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The Applications

Explore the applications of our technology, including energy from solar (CSP), waste heat recovery, carbon capture systems and bulk solids as a heat transfer medium.

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Why work with us?

We are groundbreakers who provide proven solutions that empower decision-makers to realize efficiencies, performance and competitiveness.

Our deep expertise in advanced thermal modelling of bulk solids heat transfer is coupled with an extensive knowledge of bulk solids' properties and flow characteristics. We regularly carry out pilot testing and use state-of-the-art analysis tools, FEA and CFD to confirm designs. This broad knowledge and experience base has led to a proven track record of bringing new technologies to market in large industrial facilities. 

Bring us your toughest energy challenges. We’ll bring you our best work. We thrive on applying new thinking to old problems and exploring creative ideas for tomorrow's applications.

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