Conditioning bulk solids

In applications such as oilseeds processing, the conditioning stage represents a vital step for downstream processes. For example, oilseeds are heated and dried to prescribed temperatures and moisture levels prior to the oil extraction process.

Yet this conditioning stage is also energy-intensive, with steam consumption being the largest utility cost. 

Solex's vertical plate conditioning technology provides a more efficient solution to indirect heating and drying of:

  • Soybean
  • Rapeseed
  • Canola
  • Sunflower
  • Other types of oilseeds

Our patented plate technology allows for efficient heat transfer in a welded plate-channel design whereby the product flows by gravity between banks of stainless steel plates. The moisture, evaporated during the heating process, is carried out by air with vertical flow. With this proven plate design, heat transfer area is increased by twice as much within the same volume as the traditional tube design, thereby allowing for increased capacity.


In addition, the vertical orientation of Solex's vertical plate conditioning technology requires a small installation footprint, allowing it to easily retrofit into existing and new plants with small, medium or large production capacities. The modular configuration of multiple banks provides installation flexibility as the technology can be customized to fit in any existing plant layout. Additional banks can be added for eventual expansion.

Alternatively, Solex’s Bean Heater Module easily retrofits with existing equipment without the need for layout modifications and eliminating lengthy downtime for facility upgrades. 

These modules can be installed on top of existing conditioners to increase capacity, improve overall conditioning or replace existing tube sections that need replacement due to leakage and cracking.

Waste heat utilization

The highly dense area within our vertical plate conditioning technology — combined with the unique design of each plate that makes it suitable for low velocity of water within recovery loops — allows for the maximum recovery of available low-grade energy.

Thanks to its modular design, our conditioning solution allows for a wider range of heating mediums, including steam, condensate or hot water — allowing to combine heat recovery with efficient conditioning.

Watch how our technology works to capture and re-use waste energy:

Additional benefits

  • Vertical design eliminates plate abrasion
  • Plates typically last the unit’s lifetime
  • Pull-and-push drying system ensures balanced air distribution and a reduction of cold spots due to negative pressure inside the conditioner
  • More efficient air extraction improves drying performance and guarantees uniform drying profiles
  • Uses up to 90% less energy compared to direct heating/drying methods
  • Reduction of air emissions, dust and odors
  • Small installation footprint
  • Low maintenance
  • Low operating costs

We collaborate closely with you throughout the entire life cycle of the product. Our approach includes being there every step of the way – from engineering and development to installation, training and ongoing support.

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