Cooling sugar

For the sugar processing industry, Solex provides an optimal cooling solution using cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology  an important step in quality improvement. This process results in a high-quality final product that allows clients to direct package and ship their sugar products to far-reaching destinations.

Watch how our moving bed heat exchange technology works to cool sugar:


Solex technology is capable of cooling free-flowing sugar derived from:

  • Cane sugar
  • Beet sugar

 Read our Sugar Case Studies to learn more. And refer to our cooling page to understand how Solex moving bed heat exchange technology works.

The indirect water-cooling design of Solex technology allows the sugar to be cooled to specific temperatures as required by ambient conditions. This enables constant temperature storage and direct packaging year round independent of ambient temperatures and weather conditions. 

There is no product contamination and degradation for the crystals as they flow through the Solex unit. Due to the indirect process being used, the risk of bacterial, odour and moisture contamination is eliminated.

Solex’s advanced thermal modeling, rich reference list and 15 years of experience in this field makes Solex the ideal partner for your next sugar cooling installation.

Why choose Solex technology?
  • Average energy consumption of 0.4 kW.h/tonne of sugar
  • Zero product contamination and degradation of crystals
  • Zero risk of bacterial, odor and moisture contamination
  • No large fans resulting in nearly zero emissions
  • Constant temperature storage and direct packaging independent of ambient conditions
  • No product caking
  • Ease of operation, no moving parts

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