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Keeping the ‘white gold rush’ green

In ProcessWest Magazine, Albert Bedell of Solex Thermal Science discusses how indirect heat exchange technology is playing a role in helping producers increase efficiencies during lithium extraction


Best practices in maintaining plate heat exchangers

How do you get the most out of indirect-based technology? In the March 2022 issue of Heat Exchanger World Magazine, Sven van der Heide and Francisco Castellano share insights into how to get the most out of indirect plate heat exchange technology for granular solids.



Drying & Conditioning

Capturing and reusing waste heat

In the December 2021 issue of Process Heating magazine, Solex Energy Science CEO Neville Jordison discusses how pairing ORC technology with moving bed heat exchangers can turn otherwise lost thermal energy in bulk solids into electricity.



Low-carbon fertilizer cooling

In the Nov/Dec 2021 issue of World Fertilizer, Igor Makarenko of Solex Thermal Science explores how vertical plate technology at the cooling stage is helping fertilizer producers reduce their operational footprints.


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