Why does Solex lab test bulk solids?

Solex Thermal Science will regularly perform lab testing because bulk solids vary widely. Lab testing offers us a practical way to understand their unique characteristics to ensure proper equipment design.   

Some additional considerations:

  • Solex tests in-house: Typical tests measure flowability, thermal properties, bulk density, angle of repose and critical relative humidity.
  • Lab testing is not one-size-fits-all: Parameters are based on many different factors  notably process conditions. As a result, the tests we perform will be both product and application specific. That can also affect how much product we require for testing, ranging from few litres to a few tonnes. 
  • Solex does not test everything: Due to our familiarity with many bulk solids, we typically only test products that exhibit different properties due to the processing conditions or are new to Solex.

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This entry was last updated on 2022-8-25

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