Solex featured in The Future of Energy Storage discussion

Robert McGillivray, P.Eng | VP - Business Development
Featured on Calgary Economic Development blog. 

"Renewable energy is widely seen as a preferred alternative to how we typically generate energy from fossil fuels. Solar and wind power is clean and sustainable and available in most places around the world.

But renewable energy is fundamentally different, usually requiring costly up-front investment. While costs have been dropping, they are still more expensive than most fossil fuel power generation methods. Even after it is built, solar power plants only produces energy when the sun is shining. These two problems of high capital costs and intermittent power generation are barriers to solar energy’s more widespread adoption.

Enter Solex Thermal Science, a local Calgary company with a wealth of technology and expertise in thermal heat transfer systems. Solex has been quietly helping to solve some of the biggest problems facing renewable energy power. They are best known for their industrial solids heat transfer equipment, such as cooling fertilizer, so this may seem like the most unlikely source for big advancements in the power sector." 

Continue reading on the Calgary Economic Development blog here. 

This entry was last updated on 2022-9-25

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