Solex signs agreements for application of Vertical Plate Conditioning technology

Represents continued evolution of heat transfer solutions within oilseed sector 

CALGARY, Alberta  Solex Thermal Science, a global leader in bulk solids heat exchange, is pleased to announce the signing of two recent contracts for the installation of its proprietary Vertical Plate Conditioning technology. 

The contracts with separate companies include the fabrication, delivery, installation and commissioning of full Vertical Plate Conditioning units to be used in the processing of whole soybean into oil and meal for the food and animal feed industries. 

This announcement represents a continued evolution for Solex, which has been invested within the global oilseed industry for more than two decades. The organization’s technology is currently featured within more than 50 current oilseed installations worldwide. 

We are proud that the oilseed sector continues to place its trust in us to deliver innovative and custom solutions that meet its evolving needs," says Solex Thermal Science CEO Lowy Gunnewiek.

“Innovation is at the forefront of what we do. It’s what drives us as we continue to evolve our proven technology to create more energy-efficient, cost-effective solutions for our oilseed partners.” 

Vertical Plate Conditioning technology 

Solex’s patented Vertical Plate Conditioning technology is built on decades of experience in bulk solids heat transfer. The use of a welded plate-channel design allows bulk solids to flow by gravity within a vertically orientated exchanger and between banks of stainless-steel plates while steam, hot water, thermal oil or air flow through the plates to heat bulk solids material by conduction. 

The indirect use of heat transfer technology allows oilseed processors to handle increased production within existing spaces by offering as much as twice the heat transfer area as traditional tube technology. 

“Because of its modular plate design, the Vertical Plate Conditioning solutions developed by Solex can more efficiently condition more product in the same amount of space,” says Stan Pala, Global Director, Oilseeds at Solex Thermal Science.

“That’s an incredibly motivating factor for plants that are looking to handle more product in an existing space without having to also undertake significant installation costs.” 

The technology also provides oilseed processors with an opportunity to significantly reduce energy costs by capturing and re-using waste heat. The highly dense area within the exchangers — combined with the unique design of each plate that makes it suitable for the low velocity of water within recovery loops — allows for the maximum recovery of available low-grade energy. 

To learn more about Solex’s solutions for oilseed conditioningvisit a new online portal dedicated to the applications of Vertical Plate Conditioning technology. Or contact us to speak with a Solex representative. 

About Solex 

Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Solex Thermal Science is the global market leader and developer of high-efficiency, indirect heat exchangers for bulk solids heating, cooling and drying. Over the past 30 years, the Canadian-headquartered company has installed more than 900 advanced heat exchangers in more than 50 countries worldwide with applications such as oilseeds, fertilizer, sugar and a wide variety of industrial materials. 


Jamie Zachary, Marketing & Communications Manager

This entry was last updated on 2023-8-25

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