Cool Runnings: Solex cooling technology featured in Global Cement

CALGARY, Alberta – A cement cooling pilot test project comparing Solex Thermal's plate cooling technology to conventional tube coolers was featured in an issue of Global Cement, a magazine covering all aspects of the cement industry worldwide. The article highlights the differences between the two technologies and shows the efficiencies of Solex Thermal's plate cooling technology using on-location results.

The pilot test found that the Solex plate coolers brought the temperature of the cement product from 80°C to 36°C, 14°C cooler than the target of 50°C. With a closed-loop cooling system all of this can be achieved using less water and less energy when compared to tube cooling technology.

Download a PDF of the article to read how plate cooler technology allows for more control, more efficient use of water & energy, and reduced maintenance compared to the conventional tube cooler technology. 

Visit Global Cement to register for free print or digital copies, or read a digital version of their latest magazine online.

This entry was last updated on 2022-9-25

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