Post-Campaign Conference of Polish Sugar Technologists (STC) 2022

  • Warsaw, PL
  • Warszawski Dom Technika

Solex to exhibit at Post-Campaign Conference of Polish Sugar Technologists (STC) 2022

Solex Thermal Science will be exhibiting at the Post-Campaign Conference of Polish Sugar Technologists (STC) 2022 from June 29-30 in Warsaw, Poland.

Jean-Marc Reichling (Global Sales Director) will be on hand to discuss how moving bed heat exchangers (MBHE) that use vertical plate technology to indirectly cool sugar offers opportunities for improved production efficiencies and product quality. Topics covered will include:

  • How MBHEs that use vertical plate technology operate
  • Ways to avoid caking during storage and downstream transport
  • Comparisons with direct-contact fluid beds.

Please refer to the STC's website for more details.

If you are up able to make the conference or would like to set up a time to connect, please email Jean-Marc Reichling at


Jean-Marc Reichling
Jean-Marc Reichling, Global Sales Director 

Jean-Marc has been part of the Solex family for nearly two decades Since 2001, he has helped to establish Solex as a global leader in heat transfer solutions for sugar beet, cane and refining applications. In addition, Jean-Marc is also leading Solex‚Äôs work in Africa. 


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