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Solex Thermal Science has introduced re-organized sales team that reflects evolving markets and applications for indirect plate heat exchange technology in the following regions: 

  • Americas 

  • Asia Pacific 

  • Russia & FSU 

  • Africa 

  • The Middle East 

In addition, Solex is further establishing its global presence in core bulk solids markets with dedicated product leads in these respective areas: 

  • Oilseeds 

  • Sugars & Sweeteners 

The announcement meandirect access to subject matter experts with deep experience and knowledge in respective regions and product lines. Check out the News section to learn more about how Solex is exploring the boundaries of what’s possible in ways few could have predicted. 

Want to learn more about Solex? Check out the video below.

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Ready to discuss details? A Solex representative is available to answer further questions. Contact us and Solex will have the most qualified team member for your application get back to you within one business day.

This entry was last updated on 2021-8-9

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