Solex featured in new book on ammonium nitrate, fertilizer safety

Company recognized as global leader in cooling best practices 

Author: Jamie Zachary

Did you know that Solex Thermal Science was recently featured in a book? 

Titled Ammonium Nitrate & Fertilizer Safety, the 312-page publication by leading international expert Kishore (Kish) Shah recently hit shelves. The hardcover provides an in-depth analysis of ammonium nitrate (AN) technology, from properties analyses to considerations during manufacturing, storage, transport and application. 

Ammonium Nitrate and Fertilizer SafetySolex was consulted for its expertise in fertilizer cooling best practices. Within his book, Shah recognizes Solex for pioneering the now-industry-wide use of moving bed heat exchangers (MBHEs) based on vertical plate technology and, notably, their effectiveness in controlling the dew point of fertilizers during processing. 

He goes on to discuss additional advantages such as near-zero emissions, minimal air requirements, simple operation and compact modular design. 

The book is already receiving rave reviews. Organizers at the Ammonium Nitrate – Nitric Acid (ANNA) annual conference in Houston this past fall hailed it as a “must read,” while Fertilizers Europe dubbed it as an “invaluable contribution to science and engineering technical libraries.” 

We recently caught up with Shah to learn more about his book, including what he hopes readers gain from it. 

Solex: Why did you decide to write the book? And can you share a bit about that process? 

Shah: “There is a vast amount of literature published on AN hazards, often with complex or divergent conclusions. Also, a typical paper tends to cover a single topic. Over the years, I felt strongly that there was need for a practical and comprehensive publication for those involved in the industrial operations relating to AN and AN-based products. Furthermore, I felt the need to share my knowledge and experience accumulated over a long period.  

“The pandemic offered long quiet periods when one could focus and write. I started my project at the beginning of 2021, and finished at the end of September 2022. During these months, my routine was to spend 5 hours x 5 days each week. 

Solex: Who is the book meant for? 

Shah: It has been written for young as well as experienced practitioners in the industry and a range of professions. During my long career, I had the privilege of meeting or working with experts from a wide range of professions/organisations such as AN-industry, regulatory bodies, research, academia and legal. I have attempted to address many of their questions and issues. 

Solex: What do you hope people get from the book? 

Shah: “To improve their understanding of the hazards of AN and AN-based products – a higher level of compliance with corresponding good safe practices throughout the supply chain. 


Copies are available to order at 

For more information, contact Kish Shah at 


Kish ShahAbout the author: Kish Shah studied chemistry at the University of Madras (Chennai) and chemical engineering at the University of London, graduating from both with first class honours. Over the past 30 years, he has worked with world-leading producers of ammonium nitrate-based products in the UK – including nearly two decades of consultancy work. 

Shah has been actively involved with numerous organizations relating to the fertilizer industry. He has served as president of the International Fertiliser Society, as well as represented the fertilizer industry at the United Nations’ relevant committees of experts on the transport of dangerous goods for many years. 

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