Five things to expect at the 2021 Arab Fertilizer Association Technical Symposium

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Q&A with Solex’s Pedro Moran

In just a few days, Solex Thermal Science will join many other companies and delegates from around the world at the first-ever virtual Arab Fertilizer Association (AFA) Technical Symposium (Feb. 3-4). 

Pedro Moran, Global Director of Food Products, and Jean-Marc ReichlingGlobal Sales Director, will be on hand at this year’s event to answer questions delegates have about plate technology and its use in fertilizer cooling applications. 

In addition, Moran will be hosting a live showcase presentation on Wednesday, Feb. 3 that will be available to all delegates. (Please refer to the symposium’s daily calendar for exact times).  

We recently caught up with Moran to get some advance insights into what he will be discussing, as well as what to expect when visiting Solex’s virtual booth. 

1. What will you be focusing on in your showcase? 

Moran: I’ll spend a lot of the time explaining how plate technology works – taking delegates behind the scenes to see how and why it’s built the way it is. Most people in our industry have a general understanding, but are less familiar on the specifics – how components such as an inlet hopper, discharge feeder and plate bank come together to heat or cool a bulk solid such as fertilizer.

2. What are some of the most common questions you typically receive? 

Moran: How to avoid caking. This is a big problem for fertilizer producers. I’ll spend some time talking about the mechanisms that plate technology uses to maintain the dewpoint of the air in the void space between the produce particles below the temperature of the plates, and thereby avoiding caking. 

3. Beyond caking, what are some other hot-topic issues you’ll discuss?  

Moran: In addition to the showcase, I will also have a technical paper available to delegates that goes into greater detail on issues such as how to mitigate planned rate reductions during the summer months, troubleshooting water quality and scarcity issues and better handling dust. All these issues come back to the same point, which is how to improve product quality, reduce operational costs and maximize market share.  

4. Why should people visit Solex’s booth at this year’s symposium? 

Moran: Between Jean-Marc and myself, we will have nearly a half century of hand’s on fertilizer cooling experience available to answer your questions. In addition to brochures and videos, we will also be able to share reference lists, technology comparisons and more! 

5. If people can’t attend, how can they learn more about plate technology? 

Moran: I’d encourage them to visit, where we have demonstration videos, product handouts and more. In addition, they can email me directly at, or Jean-Marc at 

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