Olive Pits

Drying/conditioning of olive pits

The Solex heat exchanger technology provides both optimized heating and drying/conditioning of olive pits.

The conditioning of olive pits in the preparation stage is an energy intensive operation with steam consumption being the largest utility cost. Use of efficient technology, as well as optimized utilization of waste heat can result in major savings in overall steam consumption.

Various sources of waste heat within the plant can be utilized to provide the energy requirement for pre-heating, conditioning or drying of olive pits. Low-grade energy that is otherwise wasted or not economical to recover can be a source of cost saving by reduction in steam consumption. Plate heat exchangers for olive pits provide the necessary heat transfer area to make this heat recovery profitable.

Operational flexibility

The custom design of the Solex Seed Conditioner provides built in flexibility for operating with variable feed conditions (ex. temperature and moisture) and plant capacity. The modular configuration of multiple banks provides flexibility in operation with different sources of energy (steam or hot water). Furthermore, the banks can be customized to fit in any existing plant layout and additional banks can be added for eventual expansion.  

So how does our technology work? Refer to our heating and drying pages to understand how the Solex heat exchanger works to heat and dry olive pits.

Why choose Solex?
  • Uses 90% less energy compared to direct heating/conditioning methods
  • Reduction of air emissions, dust and odors
  • Eliminates need for air handling equipment and fans
  • Small installation footprint
  • Recovery and reuse of waste heat recovery. Watch Video
  • Low maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • International support

We collaborate closely with you throughout the entire life cycle of the product. Our approach includes being there every step of the way – from engineering and development to installation, training and ongoing support.

Improve your efficiency, lower costs and improve your end product with the world’s most efficient technology for olive pits.