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The science behind moving bed heat exchangers

Moving bed heat exchangers are found in a wide variety of applications where the primary function is to heat or cool free-flowing granular solids. We take a closer look at how they operate, including why a detailed understanding of bulk solid material properties and the uniform mass flow of solids is required to achieve effective and efficient heat transfer.



Drying & Conditioning

More ways to recover energy in sugar refineries

How indirect heat transfer technology can utilize low-grade waste heat that's otherwise wasted to instead pre-heat sugar at the melting stage, thereby reducing the amount of steam that needs to be injected and, in turn, overall energy consumption. 


Solex rallies behind ‘agents of change’

Solex supports The Mustard Seed and Calgary Firefighters Toy Association as part of an ongoing commitment to promote, encourage and support a diverse range of corporate social responsibility activities. 

The benefits to using solids as a heat transfer medium

In the world of indirect heat exchangers, water, thermal oil and molten salts have traditionally shared the responsibility of heating or cooling free-flowing granular solids. Yet limitations with these three kings of the heat transfer is opening the door to the ground-breaking use of granular materials.




A clean slate for your heat exchanger

A new year means a clean slate, right? How about one for your heat exchanger, too? We provide preventative maintenance tips for your processing equipment, including how to clean heat exchanger plates, mitigate fouling and more.
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