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Keys to more efficiently cooling sodium citrate

We sit down with Gerald Marinitsch, Global Director, Industrials for Solex Thermal Science to discuss the sodium citrate manufacturing process and role vertical heat exchangers play at the cooling stage. 


9 tests to better know your bulk solid

Every bulk solid is different. So should your heat exchange solution. A behind-the-scenes look at how Solex Thermal Science’s work in the lab puts your material under the microscope.



Drying & Conditioning

How to cool raw and amorphous sugar

Highlighting a recent case study by Solex Thermal Science that demonstrates the efficient cooling of raw and amorphous sugar with vertical indirect plate heat exchangers at plants in Colombia and Mexico.


Solving sorbent use in carbon capture

How solids heat exchange technology is providing plant operators with the tools they need to improve carbon capture processes by saving energy costs and reducing emissions.


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