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Solex technology is known for its reliability and performance. At the core of this reputation is a commitment to use high-quality components carefully selected to meet your specific processing needs. You can help keep your heat exchanger in peak condition by using Solex certified replacement parts. 

We are able to provide spare and replacement parts for all equipment sold by Solex. Our staff can also assist your maintenance planners by providing recommended operating spare parts lists.

The basic spare parts we recommend for all Solex heat exchangers are:

  • Braided stainless steel flexible hoses: These hoses convey the heat transfer medium (whether water, oil, steam, or a glycol mixture) from the heat exchanger fluid manifolds to the individual heat exchange plates. While these hoses are quite robust under normal operating conditions, they can be mechanically damaged or suffer from corrosion over time. Solex recommends keeping either 10% of your total installed hoses or 15 hoses, whichever is lower, in inventory to help prevent downtime from damaged hoses. A hose seal kit should be kept in inventory for each replacement hose.
  • Door and hatch gasket: Solex heat exchangers use a common gasket material for both the main access doors and smaller access and inspection hatches. The lifespan of these gaskets can vary depending on how often the access doors and hatches of your unit are opened and closed, if your unit is frequently opened for inspections or if a product leak would have serious consequences for your operation, we recommend keeping spare gasket material in inventory.
  • Instrumentation: Solex provides robust and reliable instrumentation necessary to monitor and control the heat exchanger. While instrumentation failure is not common, it is extremely difficult to operate the equipment without these components. Solex recommends keeping a replacement on hand for each type of instrument installed in your heat exchanger (e.g. one level probe, one temperature transmitter, etc.).
  • Discharge device motors and actuators: Similar to the instrumentation mentioned above, the motors and actuators supplied with Solex heat exchangers are very robust and reliable. However, should your discharge device fail, the heat exchanger will be inoperable. For this reason, Solex recommends having a replacement on hand for each motor and/or actuator installed on your Solex heat exchanger.

In addition to replacement parts, Solex can also provide design and fabrication assistance for custom parts and modifications to our equipment. Whatever the challenge you’re facing, we’re happy to help find the best possible solution. 

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