Solids Matter - Q2 2020

Welcome (and welcome back!) — Summer 2020

I am excited to introduce you to our newly branded e-newsletter “Solids Matter.” At Solex we are passionate about the heating, cooling and drying of bulk solids ⁠— which means, in our world, solids are a big deal!

A lot has been going on at Solex in the last while, and we are looking forward to sharing our news with you. Our indirect heat exchange technology is a workhorse in many industries, and we are working continuously to adapt our solution offerings to the evolving needs of our customers.

At the core of the process equipment we sell, we are as focused as ever on providing heating, cooling and drying solutions that do what you need them to do. And our solution is more relevant as ever: low energy requirements, few moving parts and simplicity of operation are attributes that make a difference for our customers.

In August 2019, Mosman Stainless Steel and Solex Thermal Science merged our respective businesses following an investment by Anders Invest BV. Mosman’s more than 140 years of fabrication experience — which includes designing and building laser welding machines — has added significant depth to our ability to deliver high-quality bulk solids heat exchangers. With in-house capabilities that start with process engineering and design, and extend through to fabrication and commissioning, we are confident in our ability to provide solutions customized to your needs.

In this newsletter, we look forward to sharing some of what we have been working on. The fertilizer, oilseeds, and sugar industries continue to be the mainstays of our business, but there are always a wide variety of other applications that have a need for our technology, such as soda ash, catalysts, salt, sand, detergents and so much more.

Enjoy, and please reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have. We are here to help.

Lowy Gunnewiek, Chief Executive Officer

Lowy Gunnewiek


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