Solids Matter — Summer 2022

Our 'why' is about working with you, to help you

It is a pleasure to bring you Solex’s summer edition of Solids Matter!

Moving now into the second half of the year, I look forward in anticipation of what this will bring. Because as a company that is in the business of helping you meet the needs of your businesses, we are always eager learn how our thermal and bulk materials engineering expertise can be of help to you. I encourage you to get in touch with us and start a conversation because our “why” is about working with you to help you.

This is reflected in Solids Matter through a number of ways, starting with our investment in Solex's growing network of representatives and agents. We know that to be able to support you from the initial stage of solution development through to equipment commissioning, and then on to operational and maintenance support, it is important to understand completely what you are trying to achieve. That is what this investment brings us. We can be there to work with you.

Meanwhile, energy themes are becoming more common in many of our discussions these days. That's of little surprise as the cost and impact of our energy usage cannot be ignored. This includes driving energy efficiency, recovery and re-use goals for the processing of bulk solids to the growing number of energy-transition sector applications such as battery manufacturing and the storage of renewable thermal energy. We are excited to see our heat exchange technology can be used to help enable this energy transition.

Lastly, with a culture of continuous learning and improvement, our European fabrication expertise supports our objective of providing you with solutions that meet performance and operational requirements over the lifecycle of your equipment. It also allows us to pursue our sustainable manufacturing objectives. For example, our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) program includes tracking the amount of embodied carbon in our equipment. We are continually looking for ways to reduce this because this is as important to us. We know it is to all of you, too.

Please enjoy this edition of Solids Matter. We look forward to hearing from you.

Summer 2022 edition of Solids Matter

Lowy Gunnewiek




Lowy Gunnewiek
Chief Executive Officer
Solex Thermal Science 

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