Solids Matter — Spring 2022

Why we're passionate about listening

Welcome to Solex’s spring edition of Solids Matter! While we all strive for clarity and predictability in our business and personal lives, there are always those “unknown unknowns” that are out there, and it seems like the first three months of 2022 have had more than their share. Hopefully the road ahead is a bit smoother.

Of the many excellent items in this edition of Solids Matter, I wanted to highlight one specifically. Our passion for listening to our customers recently resulted in us producing a “best practices” guide for maintaining your moving bed heat exchanger. We design and build our MBHEs for high availability and a long life of trouble-free operation. These best-practice maintenance recommendations are there to help ensure you are able to realize this.

As an integrated fabricator of MBHEs, our more than 100 years of stainless-steel fabrication experience are an important part of making this a reality. In our shop, we have a deep understanding of what’s required to achieve best-in-class performance over the life of our equipment. Our European fabrication base also gives us a great opportunity to pursue our sustainable manufacturing objectives. Rich in innovation and pride of workmanship, we use economically sound manufacturing processes that minimize environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources. This is as important to us, as we know it is to all of our customers.

Meanwhile, this edition of Solids Matter also gives us a chance to highlight Solex’s technology origin in in the often-challenging application of fertilizer cooling. Here, you'll find some of the work we are doing to improving and optimizing our solutions for the variety of fertilizers that are produced. Whether it be improved quality of the fertilizer product produced, equipment that stands up in demanding application, reduced environmental emissions or improved energy efficiency, we continue to tackle your needs head on so that we can meet your expectations.

Please enjoy this edition of Solids Matter. We look forward to hearing from you should you have questions or comments, or if you think our technology can be an enabler that will produce results for you.

Spring 2022 edition of Solids Matter

Lowy Gunnewiek




Lowy Gunnewiek
Chief Executive Officer
Solex Thermal Science 

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