Solids Matter - Spring 2021

Adjust. Act. Innovate. A dynamic start to 2021

Welcome to another edition of Solids Matter. We are excited, as always, to share some highlights of what we have been working on since our last newsletter. It continues to be busy, and given the continuing influence Covid-19 is having on both our personal and work lives, we are thankful to be both safe and busy.

Our marketing and sales team has been actively honing their skills during this conference and trade show season. For a team that naturally enjoys having face-to-face conversations with you to discuss your problems, challenges and plans, the virtual format is a distant second in preference to the “real thing.” If you find yourself attending one of these events, I encourage you to reach out and catch-up on some of the new things we are working on.

Over the past year, we have also added a number of new agents to our network and refreshed our relationship with our existing agents. We understand the importance of being able to speak directly to someone with a detailed and clear understanding of our technology to build a customized solution that fits your needs. Please check out who is available to help you in your neighbourhood.

In our last newsletter, we introduced you to our technology journey for the indirect heating and cooling of bulk solids at “high temperatures." There is a growing interest in the use of our technology for elevated temperature applications. I am particularly excited when thermal energy can be recovered from a solids stream and then re-used for pre-heating, steam production, or electricity generation. This just accelerates a smaller energy and environmental footprint for the products being produced.

As an example, we recently shipped a high-temperature vertical tube heat exchanger designed by Solex Energy Science and built by Mosman Stainless Steel to Saudi Arabia where thermal energy captured in a concentrated solar power plant will be transferred from the solids to a gas stream, and then converted to electricity.

We are also excited see our partner Chemequip Industries moving into its new fabrication shop in Anhui, China. The new facility offers Chemequip new opportunities to grow bulk solids heat exchangers along with a host of other applications using pillow-plate technology.

Please enjoy this edition of Solids Matter. We are here to support you in finding a heat transfer solution that fits your needs and does what it needs you to do. Please reach out to us for any questions you might have.

Spring 2021 edition of Solids Matter

Lowy Gunnewiek




Lowy Gunnewiek
Chief Executive Officer
Solex Thermal Science 

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