Solids Matter — Fall 2022

A welcome return to 'normal'

Welcome to the fall 2022 edition of Solids Matter. Fall for me seems to be one of those seasons that just seem to arrive one day when I’m least expecting it, making me wonder “where did the time go?”  Perhaps it has something to do with being able to, more or less, travel normally again, providing the opportunity to have some welcome face-to-face time with customers, colleagues and friends after an overabundance of video calls.

I was reminded of this several times this past summer  that all of us, generally, enjoy the opportunity for an interactive conversation.

For example, as I shuffled through the tremendously long line-ups at the Schiphol Airport several times this summer, I was able to meet some interesting people. There was the young German couple on the way to Alberta to pursue their cowboy skills, a young man heading to Florida for basketball tryouts with dreams of becoming an NBA player and the young women from Kyrgyzstan leaving home for the first time, heading to Estonia to start a job on a cruise ship that would take her around the world. Fascinating!

Our ability to return to “normal” is very welcome here at Solex. With our purpose being to empower you with proven, best-in-class technology-based solutions, being able to meet with you, and visit your operations, really helps us understand what it is you are needing to achieve.

What's new at Solex?

In this edition of Solids Matter, you will find a mix of articles covering not only our traditional businesses such as fertilizer, but also articles covering our work in what’s generally described as the energy transition. Whether it's renewable energy, electrification, energy efficiency or decarbonization projects, it is exciting for us to be able to contribute to our on-going energy evolution.

We are also excited to be moving into new markets that leverage our thermal engineering expertise. The combination of our pillow-plate heat exchangers combined with Corrosion’s UV-C technology is one example of this. These revolutionary box coolers offer the marine industry a step change in managing fouling of a ship’s cooling systems.

To support our expanding markets, we have further strengthened our capabilities to undertake engineering and design studies as we work with you to develop the solutions that you are looking for. Recognizing your need to carefully design and de-risk projects prior to committing to an equipment purchase, we are pleased to offer you our engineering and design services as a standalone offering to help you with your work.

Finally, I’d like to highlight our continuing effort in contributing to an equitable and inclusive net-zero future. We support the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact, and are incorporating them into our strategies, policies and procedures to ensure we are upholding our basic responsibilities to our planet and the people who live on it.

Please enjoy this edition of Solids Matter. We look forward to hearing from you. At Solex, our “why” is to find ways to help you using our expertise and experience.

Fall 2022 edition of Solids Matter

Lowy Gunnewiek




Lowy Gunnewiek
Chief Executive Officer
Solex Thermal Science 

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