Product Handouts

Solex has a number of product handouts created to help you understand our technology, applications and process better:


Battery cooling

Providing accurate and even temperature profiling in the heating and cooling of battery materials ensures the success of downstream processes.

Bean Heater Module

Conditioning beans

Use of efficient technology in the conditioning of seeds and grains in the preparation stage can result in major savings in overall steam consumption.


Biosolids Cooling

Solex offers the highest heat transfer surface area against product volume. It also consumes the lowest amount of energy, making it the most efficient moving bed heat exchanger available.


Catalyst Cooling

Solex offers a solution for catalyst regeneration that reduces energy consumption, eliminates emissions, minimizes product abrasion and offers the ability to recover low-grade energy.


High-Efficiency Cement Cooling

For the cement processing industry, Solex provides solutions that allow for efficient heat transfer with an innovative welded plate channel design.


Cocoa heating and cooling

Read more about how you can improve your cocoa heating and cooling with Solex heat exchange technology.


Predrying Coffee

Read more about how Solex Thermal Science pre-dries your beans for better roasting.


Fertilizer Cooling

The Solex fertilizer cooling unit guarantees highly efficient thermal performance and ongoing, reliable operation.

Food Products

Food product brochure

Solex heat exchange technology provides efficient thermal treatment of food products such as nuts, beans and seeds.

Foundry Sand 

Mineral Heating & Cooling

Read more about Solex Thermal Science's optimized foundry sand conditioning solutions.


Mineral Heating & Cooling

Accurate and even temperature profiling is an important step in the heating and cooling of minerals and sands for the success of downstream processes.

Oilseeds Conditioning 

Vertical plate conditioner

The compact and efficient use of the heat transfer area in Vertical Plate Conditioner accommodates increased production and provides optimal utilization of waste heat in the process of conditioning oilseeds.


Polymer Heating and Cooling

In many polymer processes, controlling the temperature of the polymer is an important step in maintaining product quality and ensuring a consistent capacity.

Roofing Granules

Roofing Granules

Heating raw materials during the production of bitumen-based products can significantly increase production capacity without compromising quality.


Optimized Sugar Cane Cooling

Solex provides a solution using cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology to cool sugar – an important step to improving product quality.



Looking to reduce steam consumption during wheat heating? Read more about Solex's solution.

Wood Pellets

Wood Pellets

Solex provides a proven way to accurately and evenly reduce temperatures during wood pellet cooling.

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