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Bulk solids heat transfer and waste heat recovery

In the July 2021 issue of Process Heating magazine, Solex Thermal Science Global Director of Industrials Gerald Marinitsch discusses how moving-bed heat exchangers can help reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs of some process applications by capturing and repurposing heat that would otherwise be lost.




Drying & Conditioning

Sowing the seeds of innovation

In the July/August 2020 issue of Oil & Fats International Magazine, Stan Pala of Solex Thermal Science discusses how innovations in vertical plate conditioning technology are providing oilseeds processors with a much-needed latchkey solution to reducing energy costs with improved productivity.

Drying & Conditioning

Drying and processing biosolids

What are biosolids? Learn exactly what they are, how they are processed and what type of technologies are used to dry and cool biosolids. Read more about the Solex Heat Exchanger and how it uses the principals of thermal dynamics to improve downstream processes for the biosolids processing industry.

Drying & Conditioning

Coffee bean processing

Read about how coffee beans are processed for one of the world's most-consumed beverages. Learn where coffee beans come from, how they are harvested, and how they are processed, including the drying process that Solex Thermal's Indirect Heat Exchange technology is taking a prominent role in to modernize and make more efficient.

Drying & Conditioning

Oilseed processing - conditioning and drying

In recent years, the oilseed processing industry has greatly expanded globally. The growing need for vegetable oils and biofuels is due to increase in global oil consumption and increasing awareness of environmental and sustainable alternative energies. In this article, we will explore some of the major types and uses of oilseeds along with conditioning and drying technologies in oilseed processing.

Drying & Conditioning

Optimal drying of bulk solids despite variable inputs

Drying of bulk solids is often required for preservation of the product and as a final step before storage. It also serves as a feed stock preparation step for adjusting the moisture content of the incoming material to the desired level for downstream processing.

Drying & Conditioning

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