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Archive: 28/11/2016

Heating and cooling of plastic polymers

Plastic polymers are all around us in the products we use every day. Learn exactly what they are, how they're made and how Solex Thermal is using their Indirect Heat Exchanger to make the drying, heating and cooling of Polymers more stable and efficient.



Drying and processing biosolids

What are biosolids? Learn exactly what they are, how they are processed and what type of technologies are used to dry and cool biosolids. Read more about the Solex Heat Exchanger and how it uses the principals of thermal dynamics to improve downstream processes for the biosolids processing industry.

Drying & Conditioning

Innovative cooling solution for biosolids

Solex Thermal's plate type cooler technology is changing the game. In this article prepared for the 2015 Annual European Biosolids & Organic Resources Conference & Exhibition, learn how the Solex Heat Exchanger works to safely and efficiently cool biosolids, problems faced and solutions offered in the industry, and future opportunities for this new technology.