Powering the Next Generation of Energy Capture, Storage & Recovery

The energy sector is undergoing massive and exciting changes, with new renewable and alternative energy technologies becoming increasingly mainstream.

With these innovations come new problems to be solved, from the need to reduce costs and improve commercial viability to handling higher temperatures and introducing new working fluids.

Solex is uniquely positioned to solve these challenges

We bring the market’s most efficient heat exchange solutions for energy capture, storage and recovery and deep expertise in modeling and deploying equipment into high temperature applications.

From thermal energy storage to carbon capture, here are just a few ways we’re redefining what’s possible for energy:

High Temperature Applications

Solar thermal technologies are demanding higher temperature ranges to improve system efficiencies and capture more energy that can be converted into grid power.

At temperatures where conventional fluids fail, flowing solids such as ceramics or sand materials are being used as alternatives for capturing and converting thermal energy over to power.

Flowing these solids through our heat exchange technology expands the range of temperatures available for energy applications.

Energy Storage Using Solids

One of the main failings of renewable energy is that it is intermittent in nature.

Our higher temperature heat exchanger systems make it possible to address this problem by storing thermal energy within the power plant using heated solids materials such as ceramic or sand.

This presents an opportunity that would allow power plants to shift their power production and run 24/7 if needed.

Carbon Capture

Fossil fuels won’t be phased out overnight – but in the near term, the next wave of carbon capture technologies is already being used as a viable means of lowering emissions.

These methods of carbon capture often use a solid sorbent material to capture CO2 from power plant flue gases and concentrate this gas into a high-purity stream of C02.

With the right technology, this CO2 can be sequestered or used in chemical processes instead of being released into the atmosphere, improving efficiency and reducing the plant’s environmental footprint at the same time.

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