Solex Thermal Science has decades of experience in designing proven discharge feeders that achieve desired flow behaviours. Our world-tested solutions are fabricated in house and tailored to different material flow properties, while providing operators with maximum control and a guaranteed first-in-first-out flow sequence.

A skillful design approach blended with practical, scientific and experience-based considerations provides our customers with proven, fully integrated discharge solutions that always include transitions from existing equipment, vessel or silo, and properly interface with downstream conveying equipment.

With a rich reference list and years of experience in this field, Solex is the ideal partner when looking for the right discharge device.

Standalone feeders now available at Solex!

Read more about our expansion into the bulk materials handling market.

Below are some of our typical discharge feeders:

Vibrating louvers

Best suited for lighter material applications such as sandsugar or plastics  free-flowing granules and non-cohesive powders that cannot easily fluidize. Solex’s vibratory discharge uses a series of partially overlapping louvers carefully positioned within a self-supported frame that vibrates linearly to offer a full live-bottom system. The system is designed to ensure mass flow by allowing product to flow along the multiple overlapping shallow louvers into a series of slot openings.

MKRD 2000 Vibrating Feeder 1 Full R L R4 1

Sliding frame

Best suited for medium-duty applications such as seedsbeans or delicate granules — typically low flow rates The sliding frame feeder is formed of two parts: one fixed and another that slides in a linear motion. The fixed part is made up of small hoppers that guide the product toward the ladder-shaped sliding part that, due to its horizontal back and forth movement, sweeps product from the hoppers to a series of discharge chutes. The ladder is powered by an electric actuator that provides control of both the speed and amplitude of the oscillations. The sliding frame feeder is advantageous when there are height limitations.

MKRD 2080 Pocket Feeder 1 Full R L R5 1

Oscillating gate

Best suited for heavy-duty applications such as mineralsfertilizer and other high-density granular solids. In Solex’s oscillating gate, the product splits into the two symmetrical mass flow funnels, created by the fixed outer walls and the moving inner walls at the centre that form a pair of slotted shaped openings that the material flows through. An actuator-positioner regulates the width of the openings for feed rate control.

MKRD 2050 Gate Feeder 1 Full R L R4 1


This is a static type of discharge device, with the bulk solids flowing in an inverted cone that is either connected directly to a feeding device (e.g. rotary valve) or sits above a conveying device (e.g. pan feeder or drag conveyor) with a specified gap between the bottom of the cone and the conveyor. The cone is typically used when the bulk solids are fully free flowing. The cone can also be used in conjunction with other discharge devices (e.g. rotary valves) when handling bulk solids that may fluidize.

MKRD 2010 Mass Flow Cone 4 Full R S R1 v2


Depending on the application, Solex can also provide the following alternatives:

  • Oscillating beam feeder
  • Mass flow screw
  • Circle feeder
  • Rotary valve or rotary vane
  • Pan feeder

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