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We don’t predict the future - we engineer it.

Our ability to develop innovative, scientifically sound solutions for previously untested applications is what sets us apart. Our technology is now being used in ways even we couldn’t have imagined before we were asked to develop them.

If you have an idea for using our technology in a new way or an application that’s never been attempted, we are excited and capable of taking on that challenge. Talk to an expert to learn how we can turn your ideas into reality, and your problems into solutions.

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Heat bulk solids up to 700°C using water, steam, air or thermal oil, with guaranteed thermal performance and the ability to use recovered energy.


Cool bulk solids from up to 2,000°C using water or air, with near-zero emissions and opportunities for waste heat recovery/reuse.


An ultra-efficient means of drying bulk solids while eliminating product loss/contamination and reducing primary energy consumption.


Vertical plate conditioning technology heats/dries oilseeds to prescribed temperatures and moisture levels prior to oil extraction.

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