Solex Thermal Science Inc. acquires Europe-based Dimple-t Bulk Solids Coolers

Solex Dimple t

CALGARY, Alberta – Effective immediately, Solex is pleased to announce the acquisition of Netherlands-based Dimple-t Bulk Solids Coolers. 

This strategic acquisition expands on the broad portfolio of Solex products with the addition of the complementary Dimple-t product line and design features.

Both companies share origins in modular, vertical mounted, plate-based bulk heat exchangers that maximize quality of bulk solids, energy efficiency, and sound environmental practices.  

With 25 years of providing proven, customer-centred solutions, Solex has embraced an approach of developing innovative and, technically sound solids heat exchanger solutions for a wide variety of markets. Going forward, Solex will integrate and benefit from Dimple-t’s spectrum of current solutions and products in the area of bulk solids heat exchangers.

For more information about the terms and impact of the acquisition read the Frequently Asked Questions.

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