Solex Thermal Science Inc. acquires Dimple-T Bulk Solid Coolers

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Thank you for being a valued partner in Solex’s growth, development, and path to offer the most efficient industrial heat exchanger technology on the market. 

We’ve earned this reputation by making strategic investments that advance and enhance the cost, quality, and environmental footprint of our heat transfer solutions for bulk solids. 

Today marks a noteworthy investment – our acquisition of Netherlands-based Dimple-t Bulk Solids Coolers. As many of you will know, Solex and Dimple-t have similar origins. Both companies are rooted in modular, vertical mounted, plate-based bulk heat exchangers, with founders who collaborated on the original technology. Both companies have emphasized a culture of innovation, performance, and efficiency. Despite these reassuring similarities, each company also demonstrates unique strengths that, when combined and leveraged, create exciting opportunities. 

I’d like to speak briefly to the status and contributions of Dimple-t founder, Gé Boeyink. Simply put, after more than 25 years focused on simple and efficient technology design, Gé is retiring from the industrial bulk solids heat exchanger arena. We value the opportunity to carry forth Gé’s achievements and, effective immediately, will move to integrate Dimple-t’s range of products and relationships into our operations. 

In speaking directly to the benefits of this acquisition, I see it as an opportunity to make the most of our combined technical know-how, spectrum of solutions and products, and emphasis on creating technical sound solutions for bulk solids heat exchange applications. Our entire Solex team is excited by the additional capacity and capabilities afforded through this acquisition, and we are motivated to translate it into greater opportunity for our customers and stakeholders. 

Outside of our general excitement, we know that acquisitions of this nature can raise questions. In preparation for this announcement, we tried to anticipate some of your information needs and developed a Frequently Asked Questions. I want you to know and understand that relationships are Solex’s most valuable assets and if I have not spoken to your questions and concerns then please get in touch with your Solex sales representative or me by email at or by phone to 403.254.3500 or +1.866.379.3500. 

Thank you, 

Paul Crawford, President  



Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why did Solex Thermal Science Inc. acquire Dimple-t Bulk Solids Coolers? 

Solex and Dimple-t product portfolios are highly complementary. The companies have similar origins that are rooted in modular, vertical mounted, plate-based bulk heat exchangers. 

After more than 25 years, Dimple-t founder, Gé Boeyink, is retiring. Gé is recognizing his original connection to Solex and we value the opportunity to carry forth his contributions. Solex will benefit from Dimple-t’s technical know-how, range of products, and technological advancements in the area of bulk solids heat exchangers. Our clients can anticipate access to a broader spectrum of technologies and, accordingly, innovative applications specific to your market. 

2. Will Dimple-t retain its name and branding? 

Solex is acquiring the Dimple-t name, branding, and its collection of assets. Moving forward, all Dimple-t products and services will be accessible as part of the Solex suite of offerings. 

3. Can I still contact Gé Boeyink from Dimple-t to discuss opportunities? 

After more than 25 years as a pioneer in the bulk heat exchanger area, Gé is retiring. Solex recognizes his immense contributions and this is our opportunity to carry forth his contributions. If you are interested in a Dimple-t solution, please contact our Solex team at 

4. How does the acquisition affect Solex’s staffing and management team? 

There will be no change to the Solex’s organizational structure or staffing. This is an asset-based acquisition that will expand our know-how, products, and relationships. 

5. What is the timeline for completing the acquisition? 

The acquisition is effective immediately. 

6. Are there any products or services that will be eliminated? 

Not at this time. However, you must contact Solex to explore Dimple-t solutions. We expect to continue to develop, improve, and refine the overall Solex portfolio, including the Dimple-t products, on an ongoing basis. 

7. Who should I contact with questions about this announcement? 

Relationships are our most valuable asset. We appreciate the opportunity to answer all questions and respond to any concerns. Please feel free to direct all questions or concerns to Solex President, Paul Crawford, at 

This entry was posted on November 21, 2017

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