Solex announces U.S. patent

Solex Thermal Science Inc. announces U.S. patent

Solex Thermal Science Inc. (Solex), a privately held company specializing in the science of heating, cooling and drying bulk solids, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 8,578,624 covering INDIRECT-HEAT THERMAL PROCESSING OF PARTICULATE MATERIAL. This proprietary technology is applicable to many free flowing bulk solids including fertilizer, adsorbents, sugar, soybeans, canola, rapeseed, sunflower, corn germ, plastics, coffee, steel shot, minerals, biosolids, cat litter, and many more. Solex has exclusive rights to the patented technology.

About Solex Thermal Science Inc.

Solex, located in Calgary, AB, Canada, has installed advanced heat exchangers in more than 43 countries world wide. The concept of a bulk solid cooler for fertilizer products was introduced to the industry over 20 years ago. The company’s experts innovated the acquired technology to use 90% less energy than other technologies. By using less energy than other technologies Solex has developed a green technology for cooling bulk solids. Through development of the green technology they have lowered emissions and improved energy recovery providing Solex with a competitive advantage within the industry. This competitive advantage has allowed them to offer their exchangers at a lower operating cost, saving their clients thousands of dollars. With experts located around the world Solex recognizes the importance of customer service, by providing technological solutions and support globally for their heat exchangers to guarantee precise thermal performance.

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