Solex presents to Germany's plastics industry

Highlights include focus on energy recovery opportunities during polymer manufacturing

CALGARY, Alberta – Solex Thermal Science was honoured today to join members of SKZ, Germany’s largest plastics institute, to discuss the application of vertical plate technology in polymer manufacturing.

Presented by Gerald Marinitsch, Global Director of Industrials, topics covered during the presentation included an overview of how vertical plate technology works and identifying where the technology fits in the overall polymer production process.

GeraldSpecifically, Marinitsch addressed the opportunities for temperature control. In many polymer processes, controlling the temperature of the polymer is an important step in maintaining product quality and ensuring a consistent capacity​

Vertical plate technology is suitable for a variety of polymer applications including cooling pellets, maintaining ideal product temperatures ​and de-volatizing pellets.​

In addition, Marinitsch pointed to the opportunity to take any sort of “waste heat” steam in the plate to pre-heat polymers before extrusion or the injection molding processes. Currently, polymers are molten by friction/shear forces introduced via the mechanical impact from screws that are mixing different ingredients before the extrusion of injection molding process. ​

Vertical plate technology can recover waste heat to pre-heat polymers close to the softening point. This saves energy for the downstream process.​

Solex would like to thank SKZ for the opportunity to share our expertise in the bulk solids thermal exchange. To learn more, visit our dedicated portal to polymers.


Solex Thermal Science is the global market leader and developer of high-efficiency, indirect heat exchange technology for the heating, cooling, drying and energy recovery of/from solids, liquids and gases. 

Over the past 30 years, the Canadian-headquartered company has installed more than 1,300 advanced heat exchangers in more than 50 countries worldwide with applications such as fertilizer, oilseeds, sugar and industrial materials.


Jamie Zachary, Marketing & Communications Manager

This entry was last updated on 2023-11-10

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