Solex presents at Soybean 360

How vertical plate technology is helping processors with energy recovery

CALGARY, Alberta – Solex Thermal Science had the honour of taking the virtual stage earlier today at Soybean 360:Agro Processing in Sub-Saharan Africa, organized by the American Oil Chemists' Society, where Stan Pala, Global Director, Oilseeds, presented on The Low-Grade Energy Dilemma: How Vertical Plate Technology is Solving an Age-Old Problem.

The transformation of low-grade energy available in most soybean and other common oilseeds processing plants (as waste energy or byproduct) offers a unique opportunity for plants to increase processing margins, reduce overall energy consumption and emissions. However, low-grade energy has historically posed challenges when looking to transform and re-use it in the crushing process. It has also been associated with the need for large heat transfer areas and high associated installation costs.

Vertical plate technology addresses these challenges – first by offering twice as much heat transfer area than traditional tube technology that is currently used in many vertical seed conditioners. Second, it does so within the same volume. 

In a recent speaker spotlight, Pala shared additional insights into his presentation. Read the full interview by visiting AOCS' official website.

Soybean 360 is a virtual conference from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 that focuses on optimal strategies for agro-processors in sub-Saharan Africa. Presentations included sharing best practices and innovations for efficient processing of food in the soybean value chain that meet DINES criteria: Delicious, Inexpensive, Nutritious, Environmentally and culturally sustainable and safe.

To learn more about vertical plate technology and its applications within the oilseeds market, visit our Oilseeds Conditioning section, or access a recent webinar that Solex presented specific to VPC technology.

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Jamie Zachary, Marketing & Communications Manager

This entry was last updated on 2023-8-25

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