What to consider during bulk materials handling

Plus, Solex is featured as part of a 'Who's Who' of fertilizer handling, bagging and blending

Whether it’s urea granules or soybeans, the reliable, uninterrupted mass flow of bulk solids plays an important role in the efficiency of material handling systems and quality of the final product.

This, in turn, requires careful consideration of everything from particle size and distribution to moisture content, temperature and time of storage. 

Solex Thermal Science has decades of experience in working with free-flowing granular materials such as solid granules, pellets, beans, seeds and particles. In fact, it led to our recent expansion into the bulk materials handling market with a new lineup of in-house fabricated standalone feeders for industries such as fertilizerfood products and industrial materials.

Solex's practical, scientific design approach to designing discharge devices was recently highlighted by Fertilizer International in its Sept/Oct 2021 issue as part of a "Who's Who" of fertilizer handling, bagging and blending. 

Read the full article in Fertilizer International, Sept/Oct 2021

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As detailed by Solex Thermal Science CEO Lowy Gunnewiek, "our world-tested equipment can be tailored to different material flow properties, while providing operators with maximum control and a guaranteed first-in-first-out flow sequence."

How do we accomplish this? 

Using the oscillating gate design as an example, the device splits the product into the two symmetrical mass flow funnels created by the device’s fixed outer walls and its moving inner walls at the centre. These form a pair of slotted shaped openings through which the material flows.

“The gates look like a trouser leg," says Jason Gass, technical design & project specialist at Solex Thermal Science. "The product flows downward by gravity and divides into two streams. Those gaps are controlled by a common shaft that, when rotated, moves the walls inward or outward depending on the desired flow rate.” 

According to Gass, the benefits of the oscillating gate design include its short height, gentle product handling – as well as its reliability within the dusty conditions typical in most fertilizer applications.

For more insights into the Fertilizer International magazine feature, head over to the Articles section of our website.

To read the full new release of Solex's expansion into the bulk materials handling market, visit the News section.

To learn more about our lineup of standalone discharge devices, visit our dedicated Feeders portal.

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