VIDEO: The Exchange — Let's talk about waste heat recovery!

Solex talks waste heat recovery with Rich Barton of N Hunt Moore

The Exchange returns with a fresh roundtable discussion on waste heat recovery and its applications within the global oilseeds sector. In episode #17, we sit down with Rich Barton of N Hunt Moore and Stan Pala of Solex Thermal Science to highlight:

  • What is waste energy and how is it currently being handled by oilseeds processors?
  • How rising energy prices are encouraging industry players to dig deeper when looking for savings  
  • Are there other places during processing that offer new opportunities for additional waste heat recovery?
  • The role suppliers have in sharing today's best practices 
  • The obstacles, and incentives, that oilseeds processors are now facing
  • And more . . .

We hope you enjoy! Visit our YouTube channel to see past episodes.

About Stan Pala

Stan Pala is a Global Sales Director at Solex where he has played an integral role in championing our company's efforts within the world’s oilseeds market. His current focus is on applying indirect plate heat transfer technology to new regions, as well as developing more robust conditioning, cooling, and heat-recovery solutions throughout the oilseeds processing steps.

About Rich Barton

Rich Barton is president at N Hunt Moore, a U.S.-based service provider with more than 60 years of experience in engineering and equipment sales for the oilseed extraction industry, with a focus on process engineering, sales and plant services. 

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