VIDEO: The Exchange Episode 8 — Let's talk about cocoa!

Solex sits down with Aldo Marino of the European Cocoa Association

We're back with another "sweet" episode of The Exchange, a series of online videos we started over the past year that touch on major themes impacting the diverse and ever-changing bulk solids industry.

In our most recent installment, we discuss sustainability within the cocoa industry with Aldo Marino, EU Environment & Sustainability Manager with the European Cocoa Association, and Pedro Moran, Global Director of Food Products with Solex Thermal Science. Highlights include:

  • The European Cocoa Association, its members and its mandate
  • Solex's connection with the cocoa industry
  • Looking at sustainability through the lens of deforestation, labour regulation and due diligence
  • Linking sustainability with the drive for improved efficiency
  • And more!

This entry was last updated on 2021-3-31

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