VIDEO: The Exchange Episode 16 — Let's talk about foundry sand!

Solex talks foundry sand with Wil Tinker of Tinker Omega

The Exchange returns with a brand new roundtable discussion on all things foundry sand. In episode #16, we sit down with Tinker Omega president Wil Tinker and Scott Harris of Solex Thermal Science to highlight:

  • The upcoming CastExpo 2022, hosted by the American Foundry Society April 23-26 in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Insights into trends within the metal casting industry, including 3-D casting, automation, etc.
  • The role of sustainability in future directions and the technology solutions provided
  • Issues customers are coming to suppliers with
  • What the industry has learned from COVID-19
  • And more . . .

We hope you enjoy! Visit our YouTube channel to see past episodes.

About Scott Harris

Scott Harris is Regional Director, Americas for Solex Thermal Science where he is responsible for working directly with clients and agents in Canada, the U.S., Mexico, as well as both Central and South America.

About Wil Tinker

Wil Tinker is president at Tinker Omega, a leading manufacturer of chemically bonded sand equipment for the metal casting industry. 

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