VIDEO: Vertical Plate Conditioners in oilseeds processing

How proven plate technology is meeting increased capacity and energy needs

Demands during the conditioning of soybean, rapeseed, canola and sunflower continue to evolve. Today's processors are looking for innovative ways to increase production capacity while avoiding bottlenecks; recover low-grade energy while decreasing emissions; replace outdated equipment while minimizing CAPEX costs. 

In this video, Stan Pala, Global Director, Oilseeds, sits down to discuss how Vertical Plate Conditioners (VPCs) provide the oilseeds industry with a modular solution that allows for efficient heat transfer in a well-established welded plate-channel design. 


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Discover more about Solex's experience in the conditioning of oilseeds at our Vertical Plate Conditioners section. 

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This entry was last updated on 2021-1-20

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