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A 'By the Numbers' look at what to expect March 1-3 

Solex Thermal Science will be making history alongside more than 700 industry decision makers from March 1-3 at Nitrogen + Syngas 2021, the first fully virtual event in the conference's 34 years. 

This year’s agenda covers the wide spectrum of ammonia, urea, methanol, syngas, nitrates, GTL and industrial gases. The three-day event will include technical papers and presentations, a virtual exhibition for meeting with technical experts and more. 

Solex will be on hand as both an exhibitor and official presenter. Here’s a quick By the Numbers of what to expect from your recognized leader in bulk solids thermal exchange. 

4 – Solex will have four representatives at its booth this year to answer delegates’ questions about vertical plate heat transfer technology and its use in fertilizer cooling applications. Igor Makarenko, Global Director of Fertilizer, will be joined by fellow global sales directors Pedro Moran and Jean-Marc Reichling, as well as fertilizer specialist Jill Caskey. 

70 – The four specialists in Solex’s virtual booth this year have more than 70 years of combined experience working with bulk solids thermal exchange. Solex itself can trace its history back to 1989 when it was created out of the Western Canadian fertilizer industry. 

900 – Over the past 30 years, Solex has been commissioned more than 900 installations in more than 50 countries and almost every continent (the exception being Antarctica!). That includes more than 175 fertilizer projects worldwide.

15 – Solex will be hosting a 15-minute presentation in the Mechanical Hall on Monday afternoon (Please refer to the conference’s daily calendar for exact times). Hosted by Igor Makarenko, the topic will be on “Indirect heating and cooling technology for fertilizer applications.” Topics covered will include exploring the inner workings of indirect heat exchangers, how the technology guarantees consistent product temperatures and what techniques are used to mitigate caking. 

2— Nitrogen + Syngas 2021 represents the second virtual conference Solex has been involved in as many weeks. From Feb. 16-18, Solex was on hand at CRU’s Nitrogen + Syngas USA online event, which similarly included demonstration videos, product handouts, a Solex-hosted presentation and more. 

20 – This marks the 20th consecutive year that Solex has been attending Nitrogen + Syngas. For Igor, it also represents his 10th year at the annual conference. 


To learn more about how Solex uses indirect heat transfer technology to more efficiently cool fertilizer, visit our virtual booth at Nitrogen + Syngas , which will include demonstration videos, product handouts and more. Or contact a member of the Solex team. 

This entry was last updated on 2023-7-13

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