Another one bites the dust

Integrated de-dusting solution is reducing risk, producing a better fertilizer

One of the most significant obstacles to improved efficiencies and sustainability in fertilizer processing continues to be dust.

Created by the breakdown of fertilizer product into fines within process equipment and during transport — through what is commonly known as attrition — the impact of fugitive dust is significant. Safety concerns, product loss and contamination, among others, are just a few of the negative side effects. 

World Fertilizer September 2020 cover

In the September issue of World Fertilizer MagazineIgor Makarenko, Global Director, Fertilizer for Solex Thermal Science, discusses how vertical plate technology is mitigating the further spread of dust.

"Vertical plate technology ... prevents degradation from occurring and minimizes emissions because of the low low velocity (typically less than 0.3 m/min) and gently handling of the fertilizer," writes Makarenko.


Makarenko also notes Solex is also using a new de-dusting solution that eliminates dust from ever entering the cooling section of the unit.

"Situated before the inlet to the Solex cooler ... an attached aspirator features a series of specially designed and situated 'slides' that allow the product to slide gently back and forth downward by gravity. Ambient air is drawn upward through the product to lift lighter particles out and into a selection chamber."

Learn more by reading the full story. For additional information on indirect cooling, visit our Cooling section. For applications within the fertilizer industry, visit Fertilizer for videos and more.

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This entry was last updated on 2021-1-15

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