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Solex Thermal Science announced today changes to its sales leadership team to better reflect the evolving market and applications of indirect plate heat exchange technology in these respective areas:  

  • Fertilizer: Igor Makarenko, Global Director, Fertilizer. Igor joined Solex in 2010, with the past eight years spent solidifying our brand as a globally recognized technology provider for fertilizer cooling. Igor has extensive end-to-end experience developing turnkey cooling solutions in various applications ranging from urea granules to potash.

  • Food Products: Pedro Moran, Global Director, Food Products. As Global Director, Food Products, Pedro now oversees Solex's involvement in sectors such as oilseeds, sugar, coffee, cocoa and others. He offers broad experience in international sales and business development, and has been instrumental in the implementation of indirect heat exchange technology in different applications worldwide.
  • Industrial Applications: Gerald Marintsch, Global Director, Industrials. Gerald joined Solex in 2014 with a broad and comprehensive background in process engineering. Working with a team of experts at Solex, he now leads the company‚Äôs efforts in creating tailored and process integrated solutions within industrial applications such as chemicals, metals and minerals and sands.

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This entry was last updated on 2020-7-14

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