Preventing material flow problems in vertical plate heat exchangers

Moving bed heat exchangers (MBHEs) based on vertical plate technology have long provided a robust and simple solution to a variety of heating, cooling or drying challenges in bulk material processing.  

Yet when it comes to using gravity to process bulk materials, there is still a bit of finesse behind ensuring the product will flow through a vertical plate MBHE – and do so consistently. 

In the February 2023 issue of Processing Magazine, Devon Robinson of Solex Thermal Science discusses why uniform product flow is critical to the unit’s performance and dependability.

In the article, Robinson notes that since the downward movement of product dictates the residence time spent between the heat exchanger plates, it ultimately dictates the performance of the exchanger

And given the importance of uniform mass flow, the mechanical design of the equipment is subsequently key.

"Proper design of discharge devices, opening dimensions, critical sloped surfaces and the spacing between heat exchanger plates are all part of what it takes to get the design right," writes Robinson.

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