Potash cooling comes full circle

Potash operations worldwide are in the midst of wide-sweeping modernizations that are being increasingly fueled by producers’ collective pursuit of a net-zero future. 

Cleaner, more sustainable alternatives to traditional practices are emerging throughout the potash production process chain, ranging from sustainable extraction methods to water recycling and everything in-between. As such, today’s technologies are being expected to do more – and how they do it is just as important. 

In the 2023 edition of PotashWorks magazine, Igor Makarenko of Solex Thermal Science discusses how moving bed heat exchangers (MBHEs) based on vertical plate technology are providing potash producers with an important opportunity to recover energy for use elsewhere in the plant. 

"MBHEs based on vertical plate technology offer an OPEX-friendly solution that can significantly improve a plant’s overall energy climate," writes Makarenko.

"In addition to cooling potash with greater efficiency, these MBHEs offer a convenient, straight-forward process of reutilizing low-grade energy that would otherwise be wasted."

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