New face to waste heat recovery

Solex Thermal Science's recent acquisition of UK-based Econotherm will open new doors to waste heat recovery opportunities for fertilizer producers looking to reduce their respective energy costs and impacts on the environment.

Fertilizer International - Sept/Oct 2023In the September/October 2023 issue of Fertilizer International magazine, officials from both Solex and Econotherm discuss how the complementary technologies offered by their respective organizations will help deliver much-needed solutions for a fertilizer industry that is navigating its way through the current energy transition.

Igor Makarenko, Global Director, Fertilizer, notes how Solex has already been working with producers in the fertilizer industry to help meet their energy-related needs. He points to "energy upcycling" efforts between the cooling and drying stages using technologies such as industrial heat pumps.

Mark Boocock, Managing Director at Econotherm, adds that his company's heat pipe technology is well suited to recover energy from the particle-laden air generated as exhaust during the drying processes, as well as from gas-fired heaters used in ammonia and nitrate production.

“There is a lot of waste heat coming out of a fertilizer plant that’s not being recovered. What we are offering is a type of heat exchanger that moves the risk and return on investment indicators in a positive direction – allowing fertilizer producers to look closer at their existing processes,” sums up Boocock.

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