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The fertilizer industry’s collective push toward a decarbonized, net-zero future is leading to sweeping modernizations across the process chain. 

World Fertilizer | March 2023The net result is today’s processes, technologies and end products are being expected to do more – and how they do it is just as important.  

In the March 2023 issue of World Fertilizer Magazine, Igor Makarenko, Global Director, Fertilizer at Solex Thermal Science discusses how moving bed heat exchangers (MBHEs) based on vertical plate technology are a leading example of this operational evolution in action.

Long prevalent at the cooling stage of fertilizer operations around the world, these MBHEs are now “doing more” than contributing to a high-quality finished product.  

Makarenko points to several examples of continuous and practical innovation in the design of MBHEs that have recently led to several sustainability-focused opportunities, notably: 

  • Waste heat recovery 
  • More energy-efficient trim drying
  • Dust mitigation 

"Advancements in the production and use of mineral fertilizers are continuous and constant. As we focus our efforts on decarbonizing the food chain, the technology used to grow, produce and distribute food will be called upon to make the change that is needed," writes Makarenko.

"Moving bed heat exchangers based on vertical plate technology demonstrate how these changes are already taking place."

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