Retrofit Solutions for Increased Capacity in Bean Processing

The Solex bean heater module is an inexpensive retrofit solution to replace outdated tube-designed equipment, allowing for increased capacity in bean processing. With the heat exchanger plate design, the heat transfer area is increased by twice as much, within the same volume as the traditional tube design. This innovative design also allows for a wider range of input mediums, including steam, condensate or hot water, generating energy savings.

Operational Flexibility with Optimal Conditioning

The Solex bean heater module is flexible in operation, allowing for various forms of energy sources. Steam can be used at a high pressure, or condensate can be used within the plates at a low flow rate or glycol or hot water can be re-used from energy recovery loops for optimal conditioning.

Why Choose Solex?
  • Substantial capacity increase, with minimal CAPEX expenditure
  • Ease of retrofit with existing equipment, not requiring duct or piping layout modifications and eliminating lengthy downtime for facility upgrades
  • Removable of plates for easy maintenance
  • Years of reliable operation, greater resistance to abrasion by beans and seeds.
  • Optimized energy recovery

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