Heating, conditioning and cooling oilseeds

Solex Thermal Science offers a reliable, world-tested solution to the oilseeds industry. Our unique plate-based moving bed heat exchange technology is actively used by producers around the world to meet product specifications and improve the oil extraction process for:

  • Soybean
  • Rapeseed
  • Canola
  • Sunflower
  • Other types of oilseeds

Solex is the first choice for producers looking to maintain product quality, improve extraction efficiencies and seamlessly handle capacity increases. And with the ability to re-use waste heat energy, our environmentally friendly technology significantly reduces fresh steam consumption, thereby allowing producers to meet ever-more environmental standards.

Refer to our heating and drying pages to understand how Solex heat exchange technology works. 

Our solutions

Seed conditioning
  • Whole soybean conditioning
  • Rapeseed/canola conditioning
  • Cracked soybean pre-heating
  • Sunflower conditioning
Meal heating/cooling
  • Oilseeds meal/cake cooling and heating

See our technology in action

Uniquely Solex

Waste heat recovery

Solex plate heat exchange technology provides a sustainable method to recovering waste heat during oilseeds processing that allows producers to improve processing margins and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The unique plate-based design of our heat exchangers features a dense heat transfer area that can capture a variety of low-grade waste heat options such as cooker vapors, condensate/flash steam, hot crude, refined oil, flash steam or condensate/boiler flue gases.

In utilizing this otherwise wasted heat, producers can realize significant fresh steam savings that quickly offset the entire investment of a recovery system. Depending on the place of installation, producers may also be eligible to receive carbon credits.

Solex is a global leader in providing successful and economically feasible advanced heat recovery systems for oilseeds producers operating under various operating conditions.

We also offer the option of providing a heat recovery feasibility study that includes a detailed review of available sources of waste heat at your plant, its quality for recovery and the basic design of the necessary heat recovery loop.

Production increase

With a dense heat transfer area that’s unique to our plate heat exchange technology, producers can more efficiently debottleneck their current production rates.

Solex offers several options to improving production efficiencies, including our unique Bean Heating Modules that improve the performance of your existing vertical conditioner, or through an entire replacement with a new custom designed preheater or conditioner.

Moisture removal 

Our Vertical Plate Conditioners (VPC) provides an efficient way to reduce moisture in oilseeds before the flaking process. This ensures more efficient flaking, and an opportunity to reduce the head load on your existing cooker. Moisture remove prior to flaking is often necessary in cases where seeds arrive to processing plants with above-average moisture levels from regions such as Canada.

Hot dehulling process conversion

Solex can help preparation plants better align with current steam consumption standards during the hot dehulling process conversion for whole soybeans. Our Vertical Plate Conditioners (VPC) offer an efficient conditioning solution that ensures beans meet recommended product specifications for optimum flaking and further oil extraction already at the outlet of the conditioner. As a bonus, the increased drying realized through Solex's VPCs will allow you to bypass the jet dryer in most situations. 

Cold dehulling process conversion

For soybean processing plants that are converting from cold to warm dehulling, Solex offers a more efficient pre-heating option that can replace existing or outdated cracked soybean pre-heaters. The flexible design of our pre-heaters also enables them to be easily converted into a full Vertical Plate Conditioner (VPC) to meet the high heating and drying demands that come with the warm dehulling process.

Salmonella risk reduction

Solex offers the capabilities to sub-cool oilseeds meal before storage and transport. This ensures more accurate caking control in downstream equipment, thereby mitigating the growth of salmonella and its introduction into the animal and human food chain.

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