Foundry Sand

Foundry sand conditioning (heating and cooling)

The metal-casting industry is under pressure to reduce cost and provide a safer and healthier work environment for their workers. At Solex, we help our customers in metal casting to adapt to the new business environment by designing innovative plate heat exchanger technology that helps reduce cost and improve compliance with the new regulatory environment.

Accurate control of foundry sand temperature is imperative when it comes to the sand casting process. Controlling the temperature of foundry sand is important to maintain casting quality and ensure a consistent capacity in many casting processes. By implementing the Solex heat exchanger technology our customers:

  • Reduce scrap and rework of castings 
  • Reduce rework on core molds
  • Reduce the cost of expensive binders and additives 

Using indirect heat exchangers and gentle handling of sand reduces the likelihood of silica dusting and wear on any mechanical parts, with the following advantages:

  • Lower potential for personnel exposure to respirable crystalline silica
  • Prevent sand segregation which helps to maintain the consistency of AFS-GFN (American Foundry Association Grain Fineness Number)
  • Zero or minimal maintenance of mechanical components
  • Reduced noise as the Solex heat exchanger has minimal moving parts and uses indirect heat exchange (does not use air blown through the sand)

The Solex heat exchanger is capable of heating or cooling relatively free-flowing powders and granular bulk solids, making it the perfect candidate to heat and cool sand grains, maintaining a consistent temperature of foundry sand at all times.

Read our Foundry Sand Case Study to learn more. 

Other benefits of a partnership with Solex include:

  • Deployment of an environmentally friendly heat exchanger solution
  • Small installation footprint
  • Uses 90% less energy compared to direct heating and cooling methods
  • Modular design ideal for capacity increases
  • End to end engineering support from concept design to pilot testing and commissioning. Read more about our approach 
  • International support and a dedicated technical services support team

Partner with Solex to reduce your cost and improve the work environment in your foundry. Contact us today to learn more about the work we do in the metal-casting industry.

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