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Efficient solutions to challenging bulk solid heat exchange applications

The economical and environmental challenges associated with sourcing both clean and viable energy streams have opened the door to innovative heat transfer solutions.

Bulk solids have been accepted as an alternative heat transfer medium to liquid or gas. This has opened the door to operate with much higher temperatures at atmospheric pressures  typical situations when energy storage is required. The “fluid side” can be a liquid, gas or even supercritical carbon dioxide (sCO2).

Solex is leading a new wave in high-efficiency carbon capture technology that is based on looping solid sorbents to adsorb and desorb CO2. We apply indirect heat exchange technology for the sorbents to achieve higher levels of efficiency that were previously unavailable with conventional solutions.

Solids to Liquids
  • Recovering energy by pressurizing a liquid (e.g. water) that is being used to cool a high-temperature bulk solid (typically greater than 400°C).
  • Heating a high-temperature bulk solid using a heating liquid (e.g. thermal oil).

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Solids to Gas
  • Cooling hot solids using a gas, and then recovering and re-utilizing that hot gas (e.g. for power production).
  • Heating bulk solids using a gas. This allows heat to be recovered from high-temperature waste gas streams to heat the bulk solids, as well as cool gas stream to improve emission controls.

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