High Efficiency Cement Cooling

The Solex heat exchanger is capable of handling any relatively free-flowing powder or crystalline bulk solids, making it the perfect candidate to cool cement, while using up to 90% less energy.

The cooling of cement is an important step prior to storage in mitigating gypsum dehydration and subsequent moisture liberation which can lead to lump formation. Recommendations vary but it is generally accepted that with mill outlet temperatures of around 110ºC – 120ºC, cooling to below 80ºC is necessary to avoid this reaction. The ideal temperature to further avoid moisture attraction while in storage (due its hygroscopic properties) is in the range of 50º to 60ºC.

With a heat transfer area of almost 10 times that of traditional vertical powder coolers combined with up to 75% less water usage, the Solex Cooler offers high efficiency, effectiveness and reliability.

Proven Technology Through Pilot Testing

Extensive Pilot Testing carried out Lafarge Cement’s Exshaw Plant in Alberta, Canada has proven that we can effectively and efficiently cool cement as part of the finish grinding process and can provide designs for full production capacities of 50 TPH to 200+ TPH.

For more detailed information on Cement Cooling, download our product handout.

Refer to our cooling page to understand exactly how the Solex heat exchanger works to cool Cement.

Why Choose Solex?
  • Uses 90% less energy
  • Near zero emissions
  • Small installation footprint
  • Modular design ideal for capacity increases
  • Zero product degradation
  • No moving parts = low maintenance
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • International support

We collaborate closely with you throughout the entire lifecycle of the product.
Our approach includes being there every step of the way – from engineering and development to installation, training and ongoing support.

Improve your efficiency, lower costs and improve your end product with the world’s most efficient technology for cement.


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