A reliable and cost-effective design process

A detailed design for each individual component using only the most modern and reliable design and drawing tools: This forms the basis of each and every heat transfer solution offered by Solex.

We offer a distinctive design program that exceeds clients' expectations and regulatory requirements. A number of unit operations and production facilities are in place at our 43,000-square foot facility in The Netherlands, including sawing, bending and trimming, shearing and cutting, welding, pickling and passivating. 

Advanced 3-D CAD software enables us to produce precise system drawings, in a three-dimensional format. Strength calculations are made at an early stage in the engineering process, aided by the finite element methods (FEM), where necessary.

From process to detailed design

Backed by decades of experience, Solex maintains a well-thought-out and traceable engineering process. We use your order details to produce a detailed process design, which also specifies the materials and sizes applicable. The design is then translated into a General Arrangement Drawing (GAD) that incorporates and depicts the specifications requested.

The detailed design is based on a bill of materials and the detailed and production drawings. Should you so require, certified welding inspectors (CWIs) will produce a detailed welding plan in compliance with current standards and your specifications.

If you have already completed part of the design or production process yourself, we can also finish the remainder for you. We offer clients the benefit of flexibility, the ability to adapt and our services as an advisor. Our engineers can come up with a custom-made solution to any issue, regardless of its stage of development. 

Mosman Plate
Pillow plates

We have decades of experience in the engineering and production of high-quality and customer-specific pillow plates that meet varying and evolving needs. Our plates consist of two sheets that are welded on top of each other using a CNC-controlled laser welding machine. The sheet material is secured by clamps on both sides of the weld, after which a fully automatic weld is created.

Benefits include:

  • Quality of welding is high and consistent.
  • The laser-welding machine is fully programmable, easy to operate and comes with its own pre-installed software. This allows the pillow plates to be produced entirely to size, with all desired shapes, cut-outs, fastening points and connections. It also saves material costs.
  • The welding pattern of the pillow plates further guarantees high turbulence and heat transfer. Due to the higher turbulence there is also a reduced deposition of lime, algae, etc.
  • Because the pillow plates have a low volume, it reduces the need for cooling or heating agents that run through them. As a result, less pumping power is also required.

Solex heat exchangers typically feature double-embossed pillow plates that are distinguished by "dimples" on both sides for maximum heat transfer area. We also offer single single-embossed pillow plates where one side of the welded plates remains flat after inflation. This flat side is suitable for hygienic surfaces on the inside of a tank.

All common and corrosion-resistant stainless steel types are used, depending on the application. The pillow plates are blown up to customer specifications using an in-house embossing platform.

Preformed pillow plates are also available.

Additional applications of pillow plates

The pillow plates fabricated at our facility are used in a variety of applications within the food, process and chemical industries, among others. In addition to moving bed heat exchangers for bulk solids, the most common applications include:

  • Cooling of beer tanks
  • Cooling of wine tanks
  • Cooling of milk tanks
  • Cooling and/or heating of process tanks
  • Cooling and/or heating of screw conveyors
  • Cooling and/or heating of flat surfaces
  • Cooling and/or heating of vessels
  • Cooling and/or heating of baths
  • Cooling and/or heating of silos by means of jacket plates
  • Heating heads of extruders
  • Cooling of condenser plates
  • Heating of drying installations
  • Hot plates

Is your application not included? Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will be happy to provide you with a customer-specific solution.

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